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Pongirang mulberry leaf tea in tea bags

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Start date Apr 05, 2012
Country    Seoul, South Korea  Seoul, South Korea
Subject    Pongirang mulberry leaf tea in tea bags
Ppongirang mulberry leaf tea in tea bags
Donguinara's mulberry leaf tea is a supreme tea prepared by tea manufacturing processes consiting of collecting young leaves of mulberry, steaming and roasting treatment. Young leaves of mulberry can be collected even in autumn.

You will understand this, once you see the characteristics of the mulberry trees:
The mulberry is producing young leaves continuously until the frost comes. It is why the young leaves can be collected in autumn, too. You may enjoy more soft and savory tea particularly produced in this season, for the tea is made of the young leaves from the newly grown branches of the trees cut in September.

Mulberry leaf tea may have a smell of fresh greens if it is prepared wrongly, but Donguinara's mulberry leaf tea, particularly prepared this time, is so well prepared that it can be strongly recommended to you.

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