Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd


Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd is locating in Qingdao City,Shandong province, China, The main products of our company are Wood grain transfer foil,Heat transfer film for WPC wall pane, WPC transfer foil, floor transfer foil, skirting transfer foil, photoframe transfer foil, door frame transfer foil, wallboard transfer foil, MDF transfer foil, PVC panel transfer foil, transfer foil on the glass, Marble transfer foil, etc.

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Key Products: Hot stamping foil,Heat transfer film,Wood grain transfer foil,WPC transfer foil, Baseboard transfer foil,WPC wall panel Heat transfer film, Marble transfer foil,Photoframe transfer foil
Foundation Year: 2001
Head office:
Industry: Packaging Printing
Phone: 8613963914608