Tandem Plastic Products(Zhongshan, China), Co., Ltd.


Tandem Plastic Products(Zhongshan, China), Co., Ltd. Tandem handling OEM/ODM projects very well with effective and scientific management system. We can offer product concept/mechanical/tooling/packaging design for customers as one stop solution. Tandem has advanced blow molding machine 30 sets, professional designer and products has involved in various medical bed components, Automobile components, Floating cubes, gardening tools of bonsai pot & watering pots, massage set components, plastic pallet, basketball base, airport food case, medicines transportations staffs of ice bag & ice board &ice box, kit box/tools boxes, model, bottles, beach tables, child safety seats, toys, etc.s. Tandem will continue to provide best quality, competitive price and attractive delivery routing for all customers.

Registration With tradeindeed.com 28-Jul-2016
Key Products: Different kind of plastic blow molding kit box, ice bag, bonsai pot, etc.s
Foundation Year: 2006
Head office: Zhongshan of China
Industry: Manufacturing and Processing Machinery
Phone: 0086076088433758