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Product Name СLP-68
Company Nefteproduct
Short description СLP-68
Detail Gear oil CLP-68 is recommended for use in industrial gearboxes (metal cutting and woodworking machines, hammers, presses, foundry and molding machines, winches, rolling mills, overhead cranes, conveyors, lifts, hoists, rotating cement kilns, paper-cardboard machines, and textile and spinning machines), metallurgy (in the steel industry, in the circulating lubrication systems of rolling mills drives), mines and quarries (in closed gears, open gears, sliding knots, ropes), high-speed drives (high-speed rotaring equipment, turbines, centrifugal compressors). Specifications: TU U 23.2-23640044-005: 2010, DIN 51517-III CLP, ISO 68 VG
Title СLP-68
Condition New

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