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200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Product Name 200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Company Guang Zhou Green Power Generator Co.,Ltd
Short description 200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Detail 200W vertical axis wind turbines, using sophisticated aerodynamic blade design can start running in natural wind and it has high wind energy utilization efficiency. 200W small wind turbine, the machine uses high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy precision die-casting, has good strength and toughness, light weight, deformation, corrosion, rust ability. The blades and frame of wind turbine use vertical design and connections are tight, meanwhile it is effectively prevented blades breaking away when over-speed. As wind and solar lights is a very high safety factor The 200W vertical axis wind turbine’s core is using the high quality and high-strength permanent magnet materials, no noise, no vibration design and reducing the pressure and risk of the rod when the generators operation. This wind turbine's blades and frames are designed into one piece by aerodynamic experts, no length requirement of turbine blades; It's suitable for a variety modeling lights and easy to install. The vertical axis small wind turbine's shape is very beautiful. It is suitable for use wide range of landscape lights projects, street construction project. Technical Information Item NO. GP-X200H Rated Power 200W Max. Power 300W Star-up speed 1 (m/s) Cut-in speed 2(m/s) Rated speed 12(m/s) Rated voltage 12/24(V) Rated diameter 30(cm) Blades 6 (pcs) Net weight 8.5(kg) Survival wind speed less than 40 (m/s) Heavy wind protection Dump load and with electromagnetic breaking Max. motor exotherm Rated load 85℃ Blade Material Aluminum alloy Work temperature -20~+85℃ Certification CE,ISO 9001 Quality 1.Guarantee for one year. 2.High strength aluminum alloy materials, anti-corrosion, rust-proof. 3.ISO9001 CE certified. 4.Work temperature -20℃─85℃. 5.Lots of typhoon testing Product advantage: 1.Advanced aerodynamic design with natural wind starts. 2.High strength and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy material. 3.Anti-vibration, quiet design. 4.Cost-effective. More information please visit : http://en.gzgreenpower.com Phone NO. 86-020-39922320 Email:gzgreenpower@gmail.com Keyword:wind turbine , small wind turbine,wind power system, wind turbine generator, wind turbine manufacturer,vertical wind turbine
Title supply vertical axis wind turbine
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