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3-Tand T Series Fly Reels

3-Tand T Series Fly Reels

Product Name 3-Tand T Series Fly Reels
Company Forestfishing.com
Short description 3-Tand T Series Fly Reels
Detail This new line of saltwater reels truly excites the makers at 3-Tand! They are now able to offer fisherman gear they can push beyond their limits, allowing them to enhance the thrill of saltwater fishing. In developing this line of large arbor fly reels, they also addressed one big question that people have been asking for years: "You make such great products, is there any way to make them more affordable?" Their response is..."We just did!" 3-TAND T-Series frames and spools are made from cold-forged, tempered, and fully-machined aircraft aluminum alloy for light weight and durability The housing and multi-carbon fiber drag system is saltwater-proof Each 3-TAND spool revolves around a large center spindle hub with oversized bearings and clutch The frames allow you to quickly and easily interchange spools, and offers you the convenience to convert from left-hand to right-hand retrieve The membrane seals provide light resistance to the spool, preventing line overruns while stripping line, creating ease of use, and reducing tangles
Title Sports & Entertainment
Condition New

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3-Tand T Series Fly Reels3-Tand T Series Fly Reels

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