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Product Name Acetonitrile
Company hebei crovell biotech co.,ltd
Short description Acetonitrile
Detail Acetonitrile supplier sell Acetonitrile with good Acetonitrile price from Acetonitrile cas 75-05-8 whatsapp:+8619930503253 sophia@crovellbio.com Product name Acetonitrile Synonyms Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane CAS No. 75-05-8 EINECS 200-835-2 Molecular formula C2H3N Molecular weight 41.05 Appearance colorless clear liquid Melting point -46 oC Boiling point 81-82 oC Density 0.7857 Water solubility miscible Assay ≥99% Packing 200kg/drum Application Syntheses material intermediates Characteristics 1.Acetonitrile is a colorless liquid. It is completely miscible with water and alcohol. Its high dipole moment makes it an excellent solvent for many organic compounds as wellas some inorganic compounds. 2.Acetonitrile is chemically stable and is a strong solvent. It is mainly used for the synthesis of organic compounds, and is suitable for electrical-chemical reaction and nonaqueous titration. Acetonitrile easily solvates with cations and enhances the reactivity of anions. 3.As with other nitrile compounds, the reactivity of acetonitrile's cyano group enables the production of many nitrogen-containing organic intermediates. Application: 1.Used as solvent for extracting the butadiene, synthetic fibre and Some special coating. 2.Used as solvent for removing the tar, phenol ect from petroleum hydrocarbon in the petroleum industry. 3.Used as solvent for extracting fatty acid from animal and vegetable oil in the medicine industry. 4.Used for the reaction of recrystallization species of steroid drugs in the grease industry. 5.Used as the intermediate of the medicine(Vitamin B1) and spice. as the raw material to produce both triazine nitrogen fertilizer synergist. 6.Used as denaturant of the alcohol. 7.Used for compound ethylamine,aceticacid etc., and also used in fabric dyeing and the lighting industry. product list : Hypophosphorous acid CAS 6303-21-5 Acetonitrile cas 75-05-8 gamma-butyrolactone γ-butyrolactone cas 96-48-0 boric acid chunks /flakes Nicotinamide Mononucleotide NMN cas 1094-61-7 Tetramisole hcl cas 5086-74-8 Benzyl cyanide CAS:140-29-4 4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9 Phenacetin CAS:62-44-2 Pyrrolidine cas 123-75-1 Valerophenone CAS:1009-14-9 Procaine base CAS:59-46-1 procaine hcl cas 51-05-8
Title Acetonitrile cas 75-05-8 whatsapp:+8619930503253
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Acetonitrile Acetonitrile

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