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Air Conditioning Mould,Injection Moulding

Air Conditioning Mould,Injection Moulding

Product Name Air Conditioning Mould,Injection Moulding
Company Taizhou Huangyan Kuntai Mould Co.,Ltd.
Short description Air Conditioning Mould,Injection Moulding
Detail Cavity number: single cavity or multiple cavity Cavity/core steel: ASSAB P20, 718, S136, H13, 8407 and NAK80 Mold base: LKM NAK Mold base standard: EDM, LKM and HASCO Runner: cold runner or hot runner Cold runner: pin-point gate, submarine gate, direct gate,edge gate Hot runner, pin-point gate, direct gate, side gate, needle-valve Mold lifetime: 500,000-1,000,000 shots, maximum up to 300,000,000 shots Mold packing: non-fumigation wooden case Product materials: ABS, PE, PMMA, PC, POM, PBT, PP, PA66, PPO, PVC and PET Surface finish: polish, EDM marks, texture Plastic injection mold for household appliances shells, Automobile bumper mould,Air Conditioner Mould,Refrigerator Mould,Washing Machine Mould,LED Mould
Title Injection Moulding
Condition New

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Air Conditioning Mould,Injection MouldingAir Conditioning Mould,Injection Moulding

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