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Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid

Product Name Ascorbic acid
Company Wuhan Healthdream Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Short description Ascorbic acid
Detail Product name: Ascorbic acid CAS No.:50-81-7 Appearance:White crystalline powder Assay:99.0~100.5% Packing:20kg/carton, 25kg/drum Storage:kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture Shelf life:24 months  Description:  Ascorbic Acid is a white or slightly yellow crystals or powder,a little acid.m.p.190°C-192°C,easily soluble in water,a little soluble in alcohol and uneasily soluble in Ether and chlorofom and other organic solvent.In solid state it is stable in air.Its water solution is easliy mutated when it meets with air.     Application   1. In the pharmaceutical industry,can be used to treat scurvy and various acute and chronic infections diseases,are applicable to the lack of VC, 2. In the food industry,it can both use as nutrition-al supplements,supplementary VC in food processing,and also is good Antioxidants in food preservation,widely used in meat products,,fermented flour products,beer,tea dtinks, fruit juice,canned fruit,canned meat and so on;also commonly used in cosmetics,feed additives and other industrial areas.
Title Supply high quality Ascorbic acid
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Ascorbic acidAscorbic acid

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