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Automatic Dumplling making machine

Automatic Dumplling making machine

Product Name Automatic Dumplling making machine
Company Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,LTD
Short description Automatic Dumplling making machine
Detail This machine is with multi-function. It can make differen food, such as spring roll, chaffy dish dumpling, pearl dumpling , Samosa, pot sticker and ravioli, etc. Capacity : spring roll: 1500-3000pcs/h (50-60g/pc) dumpling: 3000-6000pcs/h(15-20g) Samosa: 2000-5000pcs/h(15-17g/pc) Ravioli: 4000-7000pcs/h(6-8g/pc) Pot sticker : 2000-4000pcs/h(28-35g/pc) Dimension:990(length)x400(width)x1150(height)mm Weight :150kg Feature : 1. The dumpling wrapper and stuffing quantity can be adjusted. 2. The made dumplings can be steamed, boiled, and fryed. 3. it is with convenient operation, saving labor and time, and quick making speed. 4. perfect design, has two advantages of healthy and beautiful. 5. dismounting is easy, and cleaning is convenient.
Title Dumpling making machine
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Automatic Dumplling making machine

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