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Automatic paint dispenser

Automatic paint dispenser

Product Name Automatic paint dispenser
Company Aoke Paint Tinting Equipment (Shunde) Co., Ltd.,
Short description Automatic paint dispenser
Detail Specifications: 1.Compatible with water, oil, universal and light solvent colorants 2.RS-232 Port or serial USB interface. 3.Qty of canister: 16/18/20 canister 4.Canister material: OPP plastic or stainless steel 5.Piston pumps body material: Stainless steel 6.Piston material: Double-decked PTFE 7.Min. accurate discharge: 1/384 of fluid ounce or ml 8.Max. pump discharge: 60ml or 2 fluid ounces per stroke 9.Nozzle purging: Automatic for single or all canisters 10.Colorant mixing: Automatic or manually controlled. 11.Max. paint container size: 320x380mm 12.Voltage rang : 100V~- 240V~ 50/60HZ 13.Max. power : 500W 14.Machine size: 1350 H x 830 W x 950 D mm 15.Shipping size: 1450 H x 880 W x 1000 D mm 16.Net weight: 165 kgs 17.Gross weight: 210 kgs Description: 1.The dispenser software is extremely flexible, is compatible with different tinting systems and can be easily interfaced with the majority of formula books and color matching software. 2.Usual operations as purging, dispensing, canister filling, colorant mixing etc. are easy and very quick to perform. 3.Operator errors are virtually eliminate by using real-time dispensing control and an accurate error handling software. 4.Access to last dispensed formulas, saved recipes and client files is unlimited. Formula information can be easily printed or stored for future usage. 5.Level of colorants in each canister can be visualized and managed at a glance. 6.Both the automatic purging function and accurate dispensing can work at the same time. 7.Full control on individual pumps and valves speed allows to perform accurate dispensing even with high viscosity colorants. 8.The dispenser is of intelligent and with color paste barrel recognition and automatic dosing functions.And the dispensing process is under real-time control for giving automatic fault alert and corresponding disposal measures. 9.The spray and seal needles are provided with automatic cleaning function.Alert for flushing the dispensing pots that are out of service within three days will be automatically given to keep spray needles not jammed.thus to ensure dispensing accuracy.
Title Paint dispenser
Condition New

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Automatic paint dispenserAutomatic paint dispenser

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