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Bulk Bag (FIBC)

Bulk Bag (FIBC)

Product Name Bulk Bag (FIBC)
Short description Bulk Bag (FIBC)
Detail Details FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are most popular form of bulk goods packaging bags in market. FIBC BAGS are commonly known as BIG BAGS, JUMBO BAGS, BULK BAGS, ONE TON BAGS, bulk bags, bulk container bags, container bag, cement bag, mail bags, mesh bags, woven jumbo bags which are used for transporting various types of industrial materials. FIBCs are available in several standards and specifications and are renowned for long lasting & its durability. FIBCs are widely demanded for transportation purpose as these bags have an excellent attributes that meets transportation requirements. With a wide variety of Lifting Options available these bags can be transported in a very easy and simple way. FIBCs are extremely Easy to handle for Transport & Warehousing purpose. Adhering to Quality standards from Day One, the company is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Labor data has given its stamp of approval to our product designs, and the proof of quality lies in the trust placed by our customers spread all over the globe. We also offer customized FIBC BAGS with PE coated-laminated, which protects the product against moisture and dust ingress from outside. FIBCs are Manufactured using Heavy duty loops of nylon/PP multi filament yarn, and with U.V stabilized triplex tapes of denier ranging from 1300 to 3000. Widely appreciated for U.V resistance, tensile strength, protection against dampness and flexibility. Types of FIBC BIG BAGS/JUMBO BAGS/ BULK BAGS/ONE TON BAGS offered by Bang Polypack FIBC - U+2 PANEL DESIGN BAG FIBC - CIRCULAR/TUBULAR WITH CROSS CORNER LOOP BAG FIBC - TUNNEL LIFT BAG FIBC - SINGLE /TWO LOOP LIFTING BAG FIBC - BUILDERS BAG FIBC - BAFFLE BAG FIBC - UN BAG (FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIAL/WASTE) FIBC - BOX BAGS FIBC - WITH PE LINERS FIBC - FOR ASBESTOS FIBC - SLING BAGS Specification Fabric GSM: 120 to 250 Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load 500 kg to 2500 kg Safety Factor: 5:1 & 6:1 FILLING OPTIONS: Filling Spout With Tie Cord Filling Spout With Draw String Filling Skrit/Duffle Top Pyramid Top Skirt Conical Filling Bags Top Flap/Cover Open Filling with Draw Cord DISCHARGE OPTIONS: Discharge Spout With Petal/Star/Iris Closure. Discharge Spout With Pyjama Closure Discharge Spout with Flap Conical / Internal Base with Discharge Spout Full Drop Bottom/ Full Discharge Bottom Conical Bottom ADDITIONAL FEATURES: DOUBLE DUST-PROOF SEAMS / ANTIDUST / FILLER CORD / SIFT PROOF SEAMS TOP PERMETER BAND LOOP PROTECTORS STEVEDORE LOOPS DOCUMENT POCKET / ZIP-LOCK POUCH VELCRO CLOSURE B-LOCK + ROPE/CORD CLOSURE COLORED FABRIC UPTO 4 COLOR PRINTING
Title Bulk Bag (FIBC)​
Condition New

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Bulk Bag (FIBC)

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