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Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)

Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)

Product Name Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)
Company Wuhan Healthdream Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Short description Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)
Detail Product name: Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade) CAS.:514-78-3 Formula: C40H52O2 Appearance: Voilet-brown to Violet-red free flowing microcapsule Packing: 20kg/carton Storage: Sealed package in dark, cool and dry places Shelf life: 36 months Description: Canthaxanthin 10% Beadlet consists of violet-brown, free-flowing fine powder to particles. It contains canthaxanthin pure finely dispersed in a starch-coated matrix of gelatin, sucrose, and corn starch, and ascorbyl palmitate are added as antioxidant stabilizer. All the ingredients are of high grade material for human consumption.  Application: 1. Feed Grade: canthaxanthin 10% CWS It is used for chicken, fish feed and it can be used to dye the yolk, chicken and fish. 2. Feed Grade: canthaxanthin 10% It is used for chicken, fish feed and it could be used to dye the yolk, chicken and fish. 3.Canthaxanthin powder 10% CWS  It can be used to meat, frinks, jelly, candy and milchings. It also can be used in Effervescent Tablets.
Title Supply high quality Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)
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Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)Canthaxanthin(Feed Grade)

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