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Center- Pivot Irrigation Machines

Center- Pivot Irrigation Machines

Product Name Center- Pivot Irrigation Machines
Company Hebei Shengbo Sprinkling Irrigation Equipments Co., Ltd.
Short description Center- Pivot Irrigation Machines
Detail Center- Pivot Irrigation Machines Equipment running track: Circular(D). One end of the equipment is fixed in the ground. The motor section connects with the type section and revolves about its center point. Water flow from the center point and then spray from the evenly distributed sprinkler head on the equipment. Because of the circular track, it also is called circular sprinkler, and circular machine for short. Equipment length: The span length is 54.5m or 61.3m: the length of the cantilever is from 8m to 28m (4 different choices); the tail nozzle can be optional. Different number and length of span, cantilever and tail nozzle to get the irrigation radius as customers' requirements. The upper limit of the length is 500 meters. Electricity and water supply: Electricity supply mode: buried cable and generator set. Water supply mode: buried pipe and water reservoir. Span parameters: Pipe diameter: 141/ 168/ 203/ 254mm; sprinkler spacing : 0.76/ 1.25/ 2.23m; through height : 3.25/ 3.4/ 3.9 /4.9m; flange thickness :10mm; Main features: Compare with the other irrigation method, it is more durable and sturdy irrigation uniformity, save energy and labor. Compare with the large lateral move system, the land utilization is 78%. Its low cost of purchase, operation and management. Supporting facilities is simple. Irrigation cycle time is shorter. Specification: xq Pipe Size Span Length A B C D E 254mm 41.15m 4.01m 41.37m 2.79m 4.32m 41.15m 203mm 41.15m 3.91m 41.47m 2.72m 4.45m 41.15m 203mm 47.85m 3.91m 48.16m 3.00m 4.52m 47.85m 203mm 54.56m 3.91m 54.91m 2.90m 4.52m 54.56m 193mm 47.84m 3.92m 47.84m 3.2m 4.95m 47.84m 193mm 54.55m 3.92m 54.55m 3.2m 4.95m 54.55m 168mm 47.84m 3.92m 47.84m 3.2m 4.95m 47.84m 168mm 54.55m 3.92m 54.55m 3.2m 4.95m 54.55m 168mm 61.25m 3.92m 61.25m 3.2m 4.95m 61.25m 141mm 47.84m 3.92m 47.84m 3.2m 4.95m 47.84m 141mm 54.55m 3.92m 54.55m 3.2m 4.95m 54.55m 141mm 61.25m 3.92m 61.25m 3.2m 4.95m 61.25m Overhand Size: Overhand Length F G H 8m 7.62m 5.33m 3.75m 14m 14.32m 5.33m 3.75m 21m 21.03m 6.7m 3.75m 28m 27.73m 6.7m 3.75m Span Size: Span 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Overthang Eed gun Length/m 61.34m 122.34m 183.34m 244.34m 305.34m 366.34m 427.34m 454.14m 484.14m Area() 18acres/1.18ha 70.5acres/4.7ha 158acres/10.55ha 281acres/18.75ha 439acres/29.27ha 632acres/42.14ha 860acres/64.76ha 972acres/64.76ha 1103acres/73.60ha Irrigation area to total area ratio(%) 2% 8% 18% 32% 50% 72% 100% 113% 128% Water request 9mm/day(m³/hr) 4 18 40 70 110 158 215 242 276 Sprinkler power 0.56 1.125 1.685 2.245 2.805 3.365 3.925 3.925 5.420 Main Technical Parameters: No. Item Unit Parameter 1 Name / DYP-327 Center Pivot Sprinkler 2 structural form / round (truss) 3 matching pump Name / / Flow rate m³/h 80-150 Head m 25 4 machine length m 327 5 incoming flow m³/h 80-150 6 Working pressure range Mpa 0.20-0.45 7 Number of towers (cross) Num 5 8 Spray device Model/form / Nielsen D3000/R3000 Flow rate m³/h 0.07-2.7 Pressure Mpa 0.081-0.28 Range m 9 Number of nozzles Num 106 Height from the ground m 1.5-2.0 9 Motor Reducer Name / UMC Motor Rated power kw 0.55 Rated speed r/min 35 10 tower car form / angle steel support Walking speed m/min / 11 walking wheel form / rubber wheel Tire model / 14.9*24 Tire outer diameter mm Φ1250 12 truss form / arch Length (span) m 61 13 main water pipe outer diameter mm Φ168 Wall thickness mm 3.0 14 Invalidity of water distribution % 80 15 Irrigation depth mm 5-60 16 hours of work productivity hm²·mm/h ≥8 17 unit energy consumption kw·h/hm²·mm ≤14
Title Irrigation Machines
Condition New

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Center- Pivot Irrigation MachinesCenter- Pivot Irrigation Machines

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