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China High Quality Self Balancing Scooter

China High Quality Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name China High Quality Self Balancing Scooter
Company Shanghai DMIPS Investment Co., Ltd
Short description China High Quality Self Balancing Scooter
Detail Product Features Good design, feel the specific beauty Super walker is simple but unify. The streamline shows it’s sporty, the bright color shows it’s modern and the detail shows quality and profession. From handle to the pedal, everything so perfect Cool, but safe With great speed protection system. When the speed reaches 16 km/h, it automatically forces you to slow down and reduce the risk Fashion, environmental protect, technology, cool, convenient Super walker puts on a fashion, sporty and shinning coat for the technology and develops a kind of shinning moving artwork. Fashion product, your companion in life With the gravity sensor to change the side, lean forward go, backward stop. So simple and easy to learn. Your feet controls everything. 16-inch parameter Size and Weight Length: 47.8 cm Overall Width: 19.2 cm (pedal folded state) 38 cm (pedal expanded state) Total Height: 51.7 cm Tires: Diameter: 40 cm; tire width: 5.3 cm Weight: 12.5 kg Material Body: High strength ABS material Body surface material: advanced automotive paint Cushioning: Nano Silicone Wheel: heavy alloy wheels Pedal: aluminum collapsible pedals Performance Parameters Speed: 16 km / h The full electric biggest mileage: 20-25 km Maximum tilt capability: 30 ° slope Charging time: 45 minutes fast charge / full charge 90 minutes Maximum load: 110 kg Drive mode: Single-wheel direct drive Powertrain: by a variable speed electronic motor control, direct drive Motor: Brushless DC Motor Battery equipment: imported lithium ion / 200 Wh Ancillary equipment Charger: Quantity 1 Tire tube: Quantity 1 Auxiliary belts: Quantity 1 Warranty: 1 year (see warranty) Color:gray,white,golden,red,champagne color,black
Title China Hot Sale Self Balancing Electric Scooter, High Voltage Electric Scooter, Adult Scooter
Condition New

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China High Quality Self Balancing ScooterChina High Quality Self Balancing Scooter

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