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Cingol humanized dental unit X3 plus

Cingol humanized dental unit X3 plus

Product Name Cingol humanized dental unit X3 plus
Company Foshan Cingol Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
Short description Cingol humanized dental unit X3 plus
Detail 1.SAFETY Safety emergency stop control device Safety blockage protection device Dental chair interlock system Emergency chair position Water-electricity-air with one button switch system Water-electricity-air separation structure design 2.HUMANIZATION USB universal charging port water temperature adjustable of all tubes 3 doctors, 9 memory programs synchronized chair design spit restoration Micro-computer control liftable instrument tray Only 9 second for backrest to move from lowest point to highest point Clean chair position after work Multifunction foot pedal control system, convenient for doctor’s operation and avoid cross-infection 135°rotatable rack, convenient for patient and doctor’s operation High suction saliva ejector air vacuum system with muffling device 3. HYGIENE handpiece tubing disinfection Intelligent spittoon disinfection Filter device of high and low suction saliva ejector can be removed, convenient for clean and sterilized Ceramic spittoon, anticorrosion and easy to clean 4. QUALITY key components after 50,000 times lifespan test Solenoid valve made in Italy Low noise motor from Taiwan Bayer silicone handpiece tubing from Germany America DuPont membrane Hydrolysis resistance and ageing resistance PU pipes High stability chair frame
Title Cingol humanized Chinese dental device dental equipment sale X3 plus
Condition New

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Cingol humanized dental unit X3 plusCingol humanized dental unit X3 plus

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