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Commercial Refrigerant Recovery CM5000/CM6000

Commercial Refrigerant Recovery CM5000/CM6000

Product Name Commercial Refrigerant Recovery CM5000/CM6000
Company Nanjing Wonfulay Precision Machinery Company Ltd
Short description Commercial Refrigerant Recovery CM5000/CM6000
Detail Product introduction Products CM5000 is specially designed for screw type refrigeration unit.Performance of these medium refrigerant recovery equipments are with today's national advanced level. Applications are as follows:screw units,small & medium central A/C factories,on site maintenance of small & medium HVAC/R products. Features 1. Compressor: 2HP, oil free 2. Vapor Recovery Rate: less than 2.21lbs/min(60kg/h) 3. Direct Liquid Recovery Rate: less than 8.81lbs/min(240kg/h) 4. Push/Pull Recovery Rate: less than 48lbs/min(1300kg/h) 5. Working & Environmental Temp.: 0-50 degree 6. Cooling Type: Air cooled( water cooled is optional) 7. Recovery Mode: Vapor & Liquid Recovery 8. Weight: 110kg(air cooled) 9. volatge: 380V 50Hz(optional
Title Refrigerant Recovery Machine CM5000
Condition New

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Commercial Refrigerant Recovery  CM5000/CM6000Commercial Refrigerant Recovery  CM5000/CM6000

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