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Cool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth Music

Cool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth Music

Product Name Cool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth Music
Company Shanghai DMIPS Investment Co., Ltd
Short description Cool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth Music
Detail Standard Edition PARAMETER Dimension and weight Length: 398mm Width: 135mm (foot platform folded) 406mm (foot platform unfolded) Height: 468mm Wheel: 14" (400mm*53mm) Net weight: 10.5Kg Pedals distance from the ground: 100mm Material specification Case: Polymer nano technology high strength materials Leg pad: Nano silica gel Rim: Heavy duty alloy rim Foot platform: Stainless folded pedal Parameters Speed: 18Km/h Max. slope: 15.3 degree Full charging time: 2 hours Battery: Original SAMSUNG battery Battery life: more than 1000 cycles Battery capacity: 174W/h A Walking Device for the latest Trendsetter DMIPS is light-weight (only 10.5kgs) and convenient to be carried to school, working place, bank, subway, bus station, etc., anywhere without any restriction. The built-in handle allows you quickly pickup the DMIPS. To experience the most stylish commuting, in 2014, DMIPS will definitely become the favorite transport gadget for trendsetters. Distinctive exterior design Perfect arc-shaped exterior design, without any screw hole, the workmanship has reached the top level. Simulation the sound of racing car engine His different engine sound will be simulated in according with the riding speed. Smart Voice prompt The smart prompt voice can indicate the information of cruising speed, battery level and over-speed warning. Imported original SAMSUNG battery DMIPS is equipped with the original imported SAMSUNG Li-ion battery. The cruising range can reach 18km. The Top speed of DMIPS can reach 18km/h. Bluetooth music module Because of the imported amplifier chip, the high quality music can be enjoyed during the riding. USB charging module USB port enables you to charge popular mobile phones.(ios,android)
Title One Wheel Electric Scooter Unit with Training Wheel and Bluetooth Music
Condition New

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Cool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth MusicCool Design One Wheel Scooter with Bluetooth Music

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