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Costa Rica Custom Patches

Costa Rica Custom Patches

Product Name Costa Rica Custom Patches
Company GS-JJ
Short description Costa Rica Custom Patches
Detail If you know about Costa Rica, then you must know that this is a bird's paradise. This small country in Central America has a land area of only fifty-one thousand and one hundred square kilometers, which is equivalent to 0.5% of China and the United States. However, its biodiversity is extremely rich, especially in birds, with a wide variety of colors. The richness of its birds attracts tourists from all over the world. Costa Rica Custom Patches each patch measures 3.1 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 2.1 inches tall, Costa Rica Custom Patches with laser cut border and iron on backing. On our Costa Rica Custom Patches, we can see two birds standing on branches. Customize our Custom Patches, as a trademark for propaganda, will enhance the development of tourism economy.Order our Embroidered Patches online with no minimum.
Title Costa Rica Custom Patches
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Costa Rica Custom PatchesCosta Rica Custom Patches

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