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Curtain rod transfer film

Curtain rod transfer film

Product Name Curtain rod transfer film
Company Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd
Short description Curtain rod transfer film
Detail Curtain rod transfer film, WPC wall panel Heat transfer film, Wood grain transfer foil, WPC transfer foil Curtain rod is mainly made of metal, plastic, wood. Curtain rod transfer film transfers high-tech pattern like teak, silver oak, red sandalwood, red walnut, black walnut, bright silver, matte, laser, pearly and other various patterns to the curtain rod, curtain rod transfer film has strong adhesion after hot stamping, high additional value of product, with low temperature, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other advantages. Curtain rod transfer film, transfer temperature is 120 - 150 degrees, direct heating transfer, without the need for glue. 1, it does not contain formaldehyde, or other harmful substances, with excellent environmental performance 2, transfer surface has lifelike texture, bright color, no color difference, close to nature 3, high adhesion, no falling off 4, solvent resistant, anti UV, anti ageing. 5, waterproof, moisture-proof, no bubble 6, high production efficiency, simple process, convenient operation 7, without seams or folds on material surface. Normal specifications for curtain rod transfer film: thickness: 19-23microns, width can be produced according to order, length: 500m/1000m per roll, color: wood grain, gold, silver, brushed, wood thorns, marble, white marble, antique and many other patterns, can also develop new color and patterns according to market demand. The curtain rod transfer film minimum quantity for curtain rod stamping foil: 2000m. Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd The main products are WPC wall panel Heat transfer film, Wood grain transfer foil, WPC transfer foil, floor transfer foil, skirting transfer foil, photoframe transfer foil, door frame transfer foil, wallboard transfer foil, MDF transfer foil, PVC panel transfer foil, transfer foil on the glass, marble foil. Marble transfer foil
Title Curtain rod transfer film, WPC wall panel Heat transfer film
Condition New

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Curtain rod transfer filmCurtain rod transfer film

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