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Drag Type Irrigation Machines

Drag Type Irrigation Machines

Product Name Drag Type Irrigation Machines
Company Hebei Shengbo Sprinkling Irrigation Equipments Co., Ltd.
Short description Drag Type Irrigation Machines
Detail Drag Type Irrigation Machines Equipment running track: Circular(D) drag (E).One model of the circular sprinkler,the difference between the fixed sprinkling irrigation machines is that the center point is wheel-mounted.Meanwhile the wheels of the tower can be moved to the dragging position.Attached to a tractor,it can be dragged to the next land for irrigation operation.It is fit the low irrigation amount requirements. Equipment length: The parameters of spans and cantilevers are the same as the center pivot towable.the upper limit length of the equipment is two wheels-200m;three wheels-410m;four wheels-410m. Electricity and water supply: Electricity supply model:buried cable and generator set.Water supply mode:buried pipe and water reservoir. Equipment types: Two wheels,three wheels(B),four wheels(C). Span parameters: Pipe diameter:141/168/203mm; sprinkler spacing:0.76/1.52/2.23m; through height:3.25/3.4/3.9; flange thickness:12mm. Main features: Attached to a tractor,it can bragged to the next land for irrigation operation.It can increase irrigation area by single machine.Buy less equipment can irrigation more land.
Title Irrigation Machines
Condition New

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Drag Type Irrigation Machines

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