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Electrical Machine Trainer

Electrical Machine Trainer

Product Name Electrical Machine Trainer
Company Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Short description Electrical Machine Trainer
Detail The Electrical Machine Trainer system is provided with specially designed integrated machines of nominal 300 W / 0.5 HP rating. Control Panels containing power supplies, drives, loading arrangements, electronic and digital instruments are provided along with Machines. The training system is suitable to study a wide range of electrical machine syllabi starting from the basic principle and operation to the detailed study of characteristics of different types of AC and DC Machines. Salient features • Control Panel contains all safety and tripping measures • Panel has Polycarbonate Facia with mimic diagrams of components with all terminals brought outside for easy and shock free connections • The trainer unit covers a wide range of machine syllabus. More than 45 experiments can be conducted • Easy and safe wiring due to use of colour coded & Electrically insulated terminals (binding posts) on Top • Dynamically balanced rotors to minimise vibration / noise • Acrylic viewing window is provided to observe internal structure of machine and to make students familiar with parts of the machines like commutator, slip ring, brush holder, carbon brush, stator, rotor, centrifugal switch etc • Digital indication of electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, RPM, etc. giving a broad introduction of measuring instruments • Separates Machines with Common Control Panel of option for individual Control Panels which enables multiple batches of students to conduct experiments simultaneously • Performance conforming to IS/IES Standards • Complete Hard and Soft copy of Manual
Title Director
Condition New

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Electrical Machine TrainerElectrical Machine Trainer

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