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Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)

Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)

Product Name Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)
Detail Based on the comprehensive antibody engineering platform established through years of experiences, Scientist from Creative Biolabs had successfully produced an important type Fab-scFv fusion protein (tribody) using well established methods. Tribodies are multifunctional recombinant antibody derivatives, which utilize the natural in vivo hetero dimerization of the heavy chain and light chain of a Fab fragment, and thus form a scaffold incorporated with scFv binding domains. The tribody enables the generation of various multi-specific antibody products. More information, please visit the website:
Title Health&Medical-Biological Products
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Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)Fab-scFv Fusion Protein (Tribody)

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