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Flashing tape

Flashing tape

Product Name Flashing tape
Company Xunda pipe coating materials Co.,Ltd
Short description Flashing tape
Detail ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE,FLASHING TAPE, PEEL/STICK ROOF TAPE, has a heavy aluminum facing together with an extra thick rubberized asphalt based adhesive system. The aluminum facing is embossed to provide flexibilty for wrapping irregular shapes and surfaces. The Xunda-T 700 series is recommended for most types of roofs, windows and flashing problems including: Trailers RV's Mobile homes Industrial buildings Roof awnings Truck Trailers Chimney Flashing Roof to Wall Flashing Ridge Flashing Window frames of glass, metal, plastic Wood including OSB Clay and Cement Roof Tiles Structure: The specification of the tape consists of three layers, Adhesive: Fexible modified bitumen adhesive compound. Film backing: Aluminium foil Interleaf: Antiadhesive Film Treated with Silicone Features: Aluminum backing is more moldable - it conforms better to irregular surface features - for weather-tight seals Excellent For Flashing No Messy Sealant Stays Flexible Aggressive Grip Superior Adhesion Assure Immediate Leakproof Results Easy, Fast Application No Harmful VOC’s Ideal Adhesive/Sealant Thickness TECHNICAL DATA: Product Data Sheet Total Thickness:30mil,40mil, 60 mils. Adhesive: rubberized asphalt Manufacturers Warranty: 10 Years Shelf Life: 12 months APPLICATION: The surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free of loose rust, scale, dust, talc and dirt. All oil, grease, silicone or other contaminates should be first removed with a suitable solvent/cleaner. For older roofs use a stiff brush to remove all loose granules and surface elements. Porous surfaces should be primed with a common asphalt based primer and allowed to dry before Xunda-T 700 is applied. Install Xunda-T 700 by gradually peeling away the plastic release liner while rubbing the Xunda-T 700 to the surface. Hint: prevent bubbles under the product by using your hand to squeegee out air by wiping your hand towards the roll as you set the tape to the surface. Overlap seams or sealing are of application by 3 inches.
Title waterproofing tape
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Flashing tape

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