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HC Industrial Chiller

HC Industrial Chiller

Product Name HC Industrial Chiller
Company hitech plastics engineering
Short description HC Industrial Chiller
Detail Mainly suitable for the plastics industry. Industrial Chiller Hi-Tech Plastics Engineering Providing 3 different kind of Industrial chiller 1-Air Cooled Industrial Chiller 2-Water Cool Industrial Chiller 3-Secrw type Industrial Chiller Hi-Tech Plastics Engineering Providing a complete range of Industrial chillers and deal with Changes Top Brand Huare who used Americain Compressor Copland Our Air-cooled Industrial chiller absorbs heat from hot water, and then transferred to the air around the chiller unit. This type of Industrial chiller system is normally utilized to cool the molds and it increases the cycle time of the machine and eventually become a major effect on cost-saving and uplift the Productions as well Our Industrial Chiller can effectively control the temperature of plastic molding dies to shorten the molding cycle and accelerate product shaping. Suitable for cooling various hydraulic presses to stably maintain its working oil temperature; it is also suitable for the electroplating industry. / Food Industry / Electronics and Bleaching and Dyeing Industries. This series of industrial chiller is divided into the air-cooled type and water-cooled type in structure. It can stably provide ice water with a temperature of 5 ~ 30 ℃ (temperature difference does not exceed ± 1 ℃) and a cooling capacity of 6,800 to 120,000kcal / hr.
Title HC Industrial Chiller
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HC Industrial ChillerHC Industrial Chiller

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