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Product Name HDPE Pipe
Company Shijiazhuang TongDa Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Short description HDPE Pipe
Detail PE pipe products introduction: HDPE healthy environmental protection water supply pipes and fittings with import PE100 and PE80 for the production of raw materials, specifications, size and performance in line with the GB / t13663-2000, GB/T13663.2-2005 standard requirements, hygiene performance conform to GB / t17219 standards and national Ministry of health related safety evaluation regulations, PE ring health preserving water supply pipe has good flexibility and resistance to corrosive strong, lightweight, impact resistance and excellent advantages. Pipe, pipe fittings can be used hot melt socket, butt fusion welding and other ways, so that pipe, pipe fittings as a whole, the system is safe and reliable, low cost of construction, in the engineering application of rapid development. Vigorously promote the PE pipe, in line with the guidelines for national construction department, the State Economic and Trade Commission of development and chemical building materials, to meet the needs of the development of people's living standards improve. Performance characteristics of PE pipe: 1.Slovenly resistance: low temperature brittleness is very low, for use in a range of - 40 degrees Celsius degrees to 40 degrees C, installation of the winter construction not tube of brittle fracture. 2.Corrosion resistance: polyethylene as the inert material, can withstand a variety of chemical corrosion, without corrosion protection. Will not rot, rust and corrosion phenomenon 3.Flexibility: the elongation at break is more than 800%, the local severe motion will not cause all the tube vibration, strong earthquake resistance. 4.pressure resistance: due to the high degree of crystallinity of HDPE, strength and hardness increase. Weld tight, can withstand internal pressure, normal for water supply, gas pressure pipe. 5. sanitation: Health non-toxic, no bacteria in the tube, no water pollution two, completely solve the water pollution of the pipeline. 6.the circulation ability: the inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the fluid resistance is small, does not scale, reduces the pipeline pressure loss and the water transportation energy consumption, the economic superiority is obvious. Main uses of PE pipe: Widely used in urban and rural water supply pipeline, coal mine ventilation pipeline, slurry pipeline, central heating jacket, sea water and corrosive medium pipeline, oil and chemical pipelines, sewage pipes, water conservancy and irrigation.
Title HDPE Pipe
Condition New

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