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HVLP -32

HVLP -32

Product Name HVLP -32
Company Nefteproduct
Short description HVLP -32
Detail Highly purified multigrade hydraulic oil is intended for use in construction, road and agricultural equipment for all-season operation, in high-precision machines, control systems where oils are required with minimal viscosity change depending on temperature. It has good resistance to oxidation and stable viscosity-temperature characteristics. Protects against wear and is suitable for use in all mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. Neutral to sealing materials. Specifications: TU U 23640044.001-2001, DIN 51524-3 (HVLP 32), ISO 11158 (HV), AFNORNFE 48603 (HV), Denison HF-1, Cincinnati P-68, P-70, Sauer Danfoss 520L0463, Eaton Vickers M -2950-S / I-386
Title HVLP -32
Condition New

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HVLP -32HVLP -32

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