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HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68

HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68

Product Name HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68
Company Nefteproduct
Short description HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68
Detail Oils HVLP-D (32,46,68) are high-quality hydraulic oils that reduce the wear of mechanisms and components, providing the cleaning effect in the hydraulic system and supporting contamination particles in a finely dispersed suspended state. Oils contain detergent-dispersant additives capable for transferring oxidation products and contaminants into the form of fine dispersions, suspensions and emulsions. Due to the high dispersing power, this product can be used in systems in which water, dirt and wear products can penetrate. Oils are recommended for use in hydraulic systems of machine-tool, press and other industrial modern domestic and imported equipment, mobile hydraulic systems operating in harsh conditions, where the penetration of water, dirt, wear products and/or lubricant mixed with water into the system is possible. In this case, a small amount of water is absorbed due to the emulsifying ability, without loss of working capacity. Oils are intended for year-round use in a wide temperature range. Specifications: TU U 23640044.001-2001; DIN 51524 / Teil 3 (HVLP), (Meets the requirements of DIN 51524 part 3, except for the emulsifying characteristics index of ASTM D 1401.), ISO 6743/4-L-HV, AFNOR NFE 48-603, Daimler DBL 6721
Title HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68
Condition New

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HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68HVLP- D 32, HVLP –D 46, HVLP –D 68

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