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Industrial activated carbon products:

Industrial activated carbon products:

Product Name Industrial activated carbon products:
Company Ningxia Biyuan Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd
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Detail Ninja Teng Yuan industrial activated carbon using high-quality woodchips and charcoal and shell as raw material, the use of advanced production technology, the carbonization, activated refining process. The appearance of black powder, non-toxic and tasteless, developed pores, with a large surface area, adsorption capacity, filtration speed, high purity bleaching advantages. ( Industrial activated carbon is mainly used in chemical, textile, fuel, food, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other industries decolorization, purification, purification, refining. Such as hydroquinone, glycerol, electroplating, optical brighteners, cooking oil, MSG, citric acid, industrial wastewater, tap water, pure water and other industries decolorization, purification, purification odor. In terms of quality, industrial activated carbon is far better than the quality of household activated carbon. Industrial-grade activated carbon is produced by a series of processes including carbonization, sawdust, coconut shell, solid shell, fruit core and high-quality coal as raw materials through physical and chemical methods through carbonization, activation, pickling and rinsing at high temperature Black, odorless, non-toxic material. Ningxia Teng Yuan Environmental Protection Sales Co., Ltd. sales of industrial activated carbon, activated carbon water treatment up to 600-2000m2 / g than the surface and physical adsorption and chemical adsorption dual characteristics. Can choose to adsorb the gas phase, the liquid phase of small molecules to macromolecules of various substances, to bleaching, deodorant disinfection, decontamination purposes. ( Xianteng Yuan Environmental Materials Sales Co., Ltd. ( is committed to the development and sale of environmentally friendly materials. Companies around the full range of industrial "waste water, waste gas," the purification control, to provide quality product resources and the corresponding technical guidance mission, in order to provide SMEs with environmental programs and materials for the mission.
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Industrial activated carbon products:Industrial activated carbon products:

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