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Jonquil Yellow Natural Dye

Jonquil Yellow Natural Dye

Product Name Jonquil Yellow Natural Dye
Company Sodhani Biotique
Short description Jonquil Yellow Natural Dye
Detail BOTANICAL NAME: CURCUMA LONGA Curcuma longa is the botanical name of a ginger plant belonging to the family of zingiberaceae(Merck, 1989 and Kochlar, 1986). It contains a colourful condiment with a distinctive pungent flavour. The natural product (curcuma longa) has a chief colourant as curcumin (turmeric yellow) soluble in alcohols and insoluble in water and ether and the pH range is 8.0-9.0. The plant is largely used as a spice in cooking, colouring varieties of materials such as foods, drugs and textiles (Odilora, 2001). Medicinally, curcuma longa is used to aid digestion and as blood purifier when the water solution is drank. In addition, the yellow turmeric paper can be used for testing alkalinity. Curcuma longa is pink in base and yellow in acid (Gill, 1992). It was observed that the titrimetric end-points obtained for the dye present in curcuma longa compared reasonably with those of methyl orange. We strongly recommend that the dye from curcuma longa can be used as alternative to methyl orange during titrimetric analysis.
Title Jonquil Yellow Natural Dye
Condition New

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Jonquil Yellow Natural DyeJonquil Yellow Natural Dye

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