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Knitted Tubular Net

Knitted Tubular Net

Product Name Knitted Tubular Net
Short description Knitted Tubular Net
Detail Details It is make of perfect HDPE virginal material. It is also called knitted sleeve nets or raschel nets. It’s available for packing fruits, vegetables and so on. Different sizes and colors available 1. Color:gold yellow, lemon yellow, red, orange, violet, transparent, green, black 2. Diameter:36cm, 38cm, 40cm, 44cm, 46cm and so on. 3.36 meshes: 40 meshes; 44 meshes; 46 meshes and so on per sircle. 4.Packaging: main package 4 bolts x 1000 = 4000m/bale in clear wrapping or 4 rolls x 1000m = 4000m/carton. 5. Ventilable for vegetable and fruit package. 6. Environment-friendly products.
Title Knitted Tubular Net
Condition New

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Knitted Tubular Net

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