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Kount - The Easiest Accounting Software

Kount - The Easiest Accounting Software

Product Name Kount - The Easiest Accounting Software
Company Pinsoftek
Short description Kount - The Easiest Accounting Software
Detail Kount® - The Easiest Accounting Software - A Brand of Pinsoftek specially meant for Business Persons to manage their Account own. It is specially useful for Small to Enterprise Companies, Doctors, Professionals and Manufacturing Units. * Kount® Is an Accounting Software offering Wide Range of Facilities. * Kount® is an Accounting Software Providing comprehensive Computerised Accounting for any kind of entity. Features: Any No. of year, Company wise Password, Easiest New Year Process, Minimum-Maximum stock indication, Report output on screen & Printer, Fastest Print than Never, Computer Based Training, Multiple Units for multiple products, Support of commission Agents in Sales Bill, Reminder Facilities for Payment & Receipt, Against Billing & Party wise Sales Rate, Comparison of two parties account and two years accounts, Renumbering Facility for Purchase, Receipt, and Payment etc. General Reports: Cash Book, Bank Register, Journal Voucher, General ledger - (A\\C Wise & GroupWise.), Roj-mel. Audit, Sales Tax & Summary: Sales & Purchase Register, Sales & Purchase Return Register, VAT Register and VAT Reports, Partywise Summaries for Sales & Purchase. Outstanding: Receivable & Payable with effect of Bill No, Due days, Paid & Received Amount with Interest Calculation, Reminder Report on Startup, Outstanding Trial Balance. Inventory: Ledger & Summary ( GroupWise & Item wise ), Stock Statement, Negative Stock Indication, Reorder & Over Stock List, Stock with Multiple Units. Special Reports: Comparison of Two Accounts & Two Years, Expense Summary, Account Confirmation, Negative Cash Indication, Bank Reconciliation, Summary of Accounts. Final Accounts: Trial Balance, Trading and Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet & Schedules, Depreciation Statement. Manufacturing Reports: Purchase & Consumption Reports, Production & Sales Reports, Daily Manufacturing Reports. Excise Reports: Excise Gatepass Printing, RG-23 D for Trade Excise, RG-23 A & RG -23 C for Mfg. Excise, Monthly Submission Reports. Document Printing: Invoice, Challan, Voucher, Cr. & Dr. Note, Sales & Purchase Return. Utilities: Data Backup & Restore, Usage of Function Keys, Missing Documents, Invoice Design, Year End Process, Balance Sheet & Trial Balance Checker, Bulk Modify for Account, Products and Transactions.
Title Kount - The Easiest Accounting Software
Condition New

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Kount - The Easiest Accounting SoftwareKount - The Easiest Accounting SoftwareKount - The Easiest Accounting SoftwareKount - The Easiest Accounting Software

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