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LN2 Cryogenic Container

LN2 Cryogenic Container

Product Name LN2 Cryogenic Container
Company Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.
Short description LN2 Cryogenic Container
Detail TIANCHI LN2 Cryogenic Container 35 Liter Manufacturer In China 35 Liter liquid nitrogen tank is the use of high-strength aerospace aluminum manufacturing and high vacuum multilayer insulation design,Equipped with a protective cover, cylinder and lock cover,The container by the outer liner, liner, neck tube, insulation material, suction nozzle, cylinder etc..we are provide not less than five years of vacuum. Model:YDS-35 Volume(L):35.8 Caliber(mm):50 O.D(mm):461 Height(mm):740 Net Weight(kg):14.6 Static Storage(D):310 Static Power Dissipation(Kg/D):0.09 Highlights : The company has advanced processing equipment, sophisticated testing equipment, strong research capacity. Adhere to Keeping improving and the Six Sigma management strategy, in the production process to pay attention to the details and process control, set up a scientific operational guidelines. Introduction: liquid nitrogen tank combined with the advantages of low nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity to meet different needs of professionals all over the world. This kind of tank can provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation which with light weight and small footprint. Tianchi is specialized in producing 35 Literiters of storage type liquid nitrogen container manufacturer, the company has a good market reputation, professional sales and technical services team, with years of experience in liquid nitrogen tank, familiar with and understand the liquid nitrogen Tank series of market conditions, has won the praise of domestic and foreign manufacturers TIANCHI LN2 Cryogenic Container 35 Liter Manufacturer In China
Title TIANCHI LN2 Cryogenic Container 35 Liter Manufacturer In China
Condition New

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 LN2 Cryogenic Container LN2 Cryogenic Container

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