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Mallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes

Mallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes

Product Name Mallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes
Company Sodhani Biotique
Short description Mallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes
Detail Pomegranate, with its deep red rind and ruby-colored flesh, is known as Anar in India and Granado in Spain. It grows wild in India, Italy, North Africa and China. A red dye is obtained from the flowers and also from the rind of unripened fruits. The dye can be red or black and it is also used as an ink.It is coppery-brown in color. No mordant is required. A fast yellow dye is obtained from the dried rind. All parts of the tree have been utilized as sources of tannin for curing leather. The trunk bark contains 10 to 25% tannin. The root bark has a 28% tannin content, the leaves, 11%, and the fruit rind as much as 26%. Both the rind and the flowers yield dyes for textiles, a jet-black ink can be made from it. Ink can be made by steeping the leaves in vinegar. The pale-yellow wood is very hard compact, close grained, durable, Used for making agricultural implements. A possible substitute for box, also used for walking-sticks and in woodcraft. Pomegranate is an aromatic dye that yields an especially nice green-yellow color. The age of the fruit affects the color of the dye. The less ripe the fruit, the greener the yellow. Pomegranate has a high tannin content which when combined with iron gives a yummy deep moss green.
Title Mallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes
Condition New

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Mallow Gold Yellow Natural DyesMallow Gold Yellow Natural Dyes

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