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Membrane Protein Antibody Production

Membrane Protein Antibody Production

Product Name Membrane Protein Antibody Production
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description Membrane Protein Antibody Production
Detail "For most soluble protein targets, the antibodies are generated by inoculating animals with purified, full-length protein. Unfortunately, this approach is not effective for most multiple-spanning membrane proteins, whose native structures normally depend on an intact lipid bilayer. G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), also known as seven-transmembrane domain receptors, represent a large and important group of proteins involved in many diseases, and are also the target of around half of all modern medicinal drugs.Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to create antibodies against GPCRs using traditional approaches. Solubilization of the membrane protein immunogens with detergents may lead to major conformational changes; the epitopes are made up of small discontinuous segments; moreover, these proteins in general are expressed at very low levels and it is difficult to generate sufficient material for immunization. Production of GPCRs antibodies are still challenges to overcome. Creative Biolabs has been pioneered in the Antibody Technology for a long time. After years of extensive optimization, scientist from Creative Biolabs had built up a specific method of producing GPCRs and other membrane protein antibodies. Upon using genomic antibody and engineering technology in each step, including: antigen design, appropriate expression of the antigen, targeting the appropriate immune cells, and use of the right adjuvants. Based on our customers’ need, we would carefully optimized and continue to improve each of these steps to ensure success. Together with Creative Diagostics, we have developed proprietary MPATTM platform for multi-spanner protein targets. Our antibody platform also enables us to screen in vivo functional antibodies to membrane protein targets.More information, please visit the website:"
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Membrane Protein Antibody ProductionMembrane Protein Antibody Production

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