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Methylone Ethylone tan brown color

Methylone Ethylone tan brown color

Product Name Methylone Ethylone tan brown color
Company LEDA Chem Lab Limited
Short description Methylone Ethylone tan brown color
Detail WhatsApp:+8616533954563 Wickr:nancy171 Describe: Specifications color: Yellow apperance: powder eutylones,eu-tylone,euty-lone,EUTYLONEs,Eutylones,EU-TYLONE,EUTY-LONE,eu,EU,Eu,euty,bk-edbps,mdmas,BKEDBP,MDMAs,bk-mdmaS Ethylones,ethylones,Methylones,methylones,METHY-LONE,methy-lone,BK-MDMAs Eutylone is a synthetic cathinone with chemical structural and pharmacological similarities to schedule I and II amphetamines and cathinones such as to 3,4- methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), methylone, and pentylone.
Title methylone ethylone for free reship
Condition New

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Methylone Ethylone tan brown colorMethylone Ethylone tan brown color

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