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Mgo ceiling board

Mgo ceiling board

Product Name Mgo ceiling board
Company Zhangjiagang Leader Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Short description Mgo ceiling board
Detail Main Characteristics: 1.Bending strength:15Mpa (GB/T7019-1997) 2.Density:0.8-1.1g/cm3 (GB/T7019-1997) 3.Absorbing water rate 15% (JC688-1998) 4.Fireproof characteristic: A grade 5. Thermal resistance: 1.14m2K/W (GB/T13475-92) 6.The corner is dealt with: Bright shelf platform/drops 7.Safe:100% does not include such harmful substances as the asbestos and etc. 8. Resist Sink 9. Fire Prevention 10. No Dust 11. Damp-proof 12. Durable In Use Main Size: 603*603*5mm-9mm,595*595*5mm-9mm, 600*1200*5mm-9mm.Other size also requests. More:fireproof-board.com zjgmgo.com
Title PVC Coated Mgo Ceiling
Condition New

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Mgo ceiling boardMgo ceiling board

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