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Michigan Brown Dyes

Michigan Brown Dyes

Product Name Michigan Brown Dyes
Company Sodhani Biotique
Short description Michigan Brown Dyes
Detail Cutch is an important historical brown dye which is obtained from the left over of kattha produced from Acacia catechu. Kattha is used as an edible paste in pan preparations. It is a very easy dye to use and it is both light-fast and wash-fast, as well as being inexpensive. Cutch is an excellent dye for cottons as it is high in tannins, and it is also suitable for silk and wool. Cutch gives warm golden browns and fawns and it is a very good dye to use in mixtures. Over dyed with indigo it gives beautiful dark grey greens. For dark browns, Liles recommends using a mixture of cutch, logwood and a yellow dye like weld or fustic. It is used mainly on cotton as it is very high in tannin and can be used as a mordant instead of tannic acid but it can also be used on silk and wool. Cutch contains two dyes, catechu-tannic acid, which is soluble in cold water, and catechin, which needs hot water to dissolve. Cutch is a difficult dye to exhaust and will continue to produce beige colours for several more skeins. Cardon recommends exposing the fibres to the air to oxidise the dye before rinsing the dyed fibres. The dye gives different shades by treatment with different metal salts such as Copper Sulphate, Aluminium Sulphate or Ferrous Sulphate It is a brown dye used for tanning and dyeing and for preserving fishing nets and sails. Cutch will dye wool, silk, and cotton a yellowish-brown. Cutch gives gray-browns with an iron mordant and olive-browns with a copper mordant
Title Michigan Brown Dyes
Condition New

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Michigan Brown DyesMichigan Brown Dyes

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