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Shandong China Coal Group Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing and Processing Machinery
China China
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Mini wheat reaper harvester

Mini wheat reaper harvester

Product Name Mini wheat reaper harvester
Company Shandong China Coal Group Co., Ltd.
Short description Mini wheat reaper harvester
Detail Mini wheat reaper harvester/mini rice reaper binder4K-50 rice reaper , mini rice reaper , reaper binder machine Product introduction Gas rice harvest rice harvesting machine 1.Simple and reasonable structure 2.Easy to operate and maintain 3.Small volume 4. low energy consume 5.reliable and wide applications Specially suitable for harvest rice, wheat, soybean, reed planting in mountains, hills, small area. Feature: 1. Compact structure, flexible, operate easily and reliable, operation performance is strong, easy maintenance. 2. The tires are widening tires with large diameter , strong ability, especially suitable for wet, heavy homework. 3. Manual steering clutch, steering flexible, small turning radius, wet, not wandering. 4. 2Forward and 2 Reverse, meet all kinds of operating speed. 5. Windrower frame is strengthening . 6. Has the pick up device, strong flexibility
Title China Coal Mini wheat reaper harvester
Condition New

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Mini wheat reaper harvesterMini wheat reaper harvester

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