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Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

Product Name Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production
Company Creative Biolabs
Short description Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production
Detail "Creative Biolabs is professional in developing highly specific, high affinity monoclonal antibodies of various species (including rabbit, chicken, llama, camel, dog, mouse, rat and human). In particular, we are glad to introduce our Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production Service. Based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library construction and screening as well as our full understanding on monkey antibody repertoires, scientists at Creative Biolabs have successfully isolated a large number of monkey (NHP) monoclonal antibodies against various targets by construction and screening of antibody libraries derived from immunized monkeys (including macaques, marmosets, spider monkeys). In addition, synthetic monkey antibody libraries are frequently made and screened for customers In comparison with rodents and rabbits, monkey (NHP) are large animals with a genetic background closer to that of humans. Our platform to generate highly specific and sensitive monkey monoclonal antibodies opens a new avenue for production of valuable antibodies for therapeutic use. Besides de novo developing monoclonal monkey (NHP) antibodies, we also provide monkey (NHP) antibody humanization services using our unique ""super-humanization"" (germline humanization) strategy.More information, please visit the website:"
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Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody ProductionMonoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

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