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Natural Dyed And Printed Scarfs

Natural Dyed And Printed Scarfs

Product Name Natural Dyed And Printed Scarfs
Company Sodhani Biotique
Short description Natural Dyed And Printed Scarfs
Detail Continuing our rendezvous with the natural fabric-natural dye combo, and in pursuit of its application in varied areas of dressing etiquettes; we bring to you organic scarfs which are exquisitely made in wool , silk , organic cotton, linen and other 100% natural fabric, not only does it give you the flavor of nature around your neck; it also provides you with a splash of style and that feel-good factor which comes like a fresh morning breeze when you take a step closer to nature itself. Ok, so we agree that you have an overflowing wardrobe with no shirt spared and no pant lost. But do not underestimate the power of a seemingly innocuous scarf that it brings to your collection! This scarf can be welcomed as a versatile fashion accessory and a great stylish upgrade for your wardrobe. For- Whether you step out from your home to take a casual walk, or you are to drive down around the city; or imagine yourself having a beautiful setting on a cool evening accentuated by a candle-light dinner and the need for a warm hug and a warmer scarf: In all of the above scenarios you will find our scarves which are made of organic sustainable fabric to fit the picture and make it perfect! In fact, next time you find yourself musing on the line of gifting that perfect and novel gift to your friends or loved ones, think of us here! And pray, why do we say so? Well, can you imagine the sight when this beautiful product from nature’s bosom, carefully and lovingly nurtured by the hands of artisans trained in their graft since centuries, with us acting as facilitators, reach the hands of the person you wanted to gift something entirely different and novel, beautiful and one with nature? Yes- this makes a perfect gift wrap as well.
Title Natural Dyed And Printed Scarfs
Condition New

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Natural Dyed And Printed ScarfsNatural Dyed And Printed Scarfs

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