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Natural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets

Natural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets

Product Name Natural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets
Company Sodhani Biotique
Short description Natural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets
Detail In the past, carpets and rugs of exquisite design and remarkably brilliant fabric would be the signature of the majesty of the palace or of a pronounced dwelling. And you would be surprised to know that Natural rug dyes have been in use ever since the very beginnings of rug and carpet making, as they are sustainable and long lasting. To prove the point: There are certain museum collections, which contain 400 year old rugs and carpets whose colors remain as dazzling as if they were produced only yesterday. They have stood the test of time, which runs into centuries together while maintaining their beauty, and that’s saying something! With the aim to recapture the past and put you on a more sustainable and eco-friendly footing, we @ Sodhani Boutique offer a wide array of natural, eco-friendly dyes for rugs to span a beautiful spectrum of colors and freshness. Jump right in to explore the services on offer for the purpose of getting your Flooring articles to last you for generations!
Title Natural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets
Condition New

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Natural Dyed Hand Knotted CarpetsNatural Dyed Hand Knotted Carpets

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