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nickel wire mesh

nickel wire mesh

Product Name nickel wire mesh
Company Hebei HighTop Metal Mesh Co., Ltd.
Short description nickel wire mesh
Detail Nickel wire mesh is of ten replaced today with stainless steel. Pure nickel has the ability to protect itself against certain forms of attack by developing a corrosion resisting or passive oxide film. Nickel has good corrosion resistance in reducing environments, while it retards corrosion in many oxidizing environments. Commercially pure or low alloy- nickel is useful in chemical processing due to its resistance to various chemicals including caustic alkalies, in electronics due to its high electrical conductivity, and heat exchangers due to its thermal conductivity and ductility. Nickel 200 and 201 are both commercially pure (99.6%), while the latter's lower carbon content prevents embrittlement at temperatures over 600 degrees F. Nickel 270 is a high-purity grade made by powder metallurgy.
Title nickel wire mesh
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nickel wire meshnickel wire mesh

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