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NiRun coal water slurry viscometer

NiRun coal water slurry viscometer

Product Name NiRun coal water slurry viscometer
Company Shanghai Nirun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Short description NiRun coal water slurry viscometer
Detail coal water slurry viscometer Coal water slurry viscometer is a special viscosity measuring instrument for coal water slurry developed by our company according to GB/T188564-2002. Coal water slurry viscometer uses a 16-bit micro-computer processor as the core of the stepper motor high subdivision drive,digital liquid crystal with blue backlight function of the digital viscometer.The RTD temperature probe can monitor and measure the temperature of the viscosity in real time with the accuracy of 0.1 C.The instrument will give warning when the torque is less than 10%and higher than 90%.The temperature range is 0-120 C.The screen directly displays the viscosity,shear rate,shear stress,rotational speed,temperature,percentile torque,rotor number and the maximum viscosities of the selected rotor at the current rotational speed.RS232 interface printing,printing interval users set their own.The bidirectional RS232 interface can communicate with the computer to realize program control and data acquisition. Coal water slurry viscometer can choose DV program-controlled offline download software to download the customized measurement program to the instrument to achieve automatic and personalized operation.Optional rheological properties software can be purchased to realize computer automation,data acquisition and analysis,data preservation,historical data comparison and other functions. The main control board and the subdivision drive board all adopt the patch technology,and the circuit design adopts the most advanced microprocessor at present.The structure layout is reasonable and compact.The full range and linearity of the instrument are all calibrated by PC interface.Its measurement performance and function have reached the advanced level of the same type abroad. coal water slurry viscometer Technical parameters: Measurement range:100~17 mPa.s Shear rate:Ds=1 1/s---180 1/s arbitrary adjustment Speed:1RPM-200RPM arbitrary adjustment Measurement error:less than or equal to 2%(F.S). Reproducibility error:less than or equal to 1%(F.S) Material temperature:5~75 C Email: nirunndj@126.com Source: https://www.nirunviscometer.com/newsshow_170.html
Title viscometer
Condition New

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NiRun coal water slurry viscometerNiRun coal water slurry viscometer

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