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NiRun Portable Digital Viscometer

NiRun Portable Digital Viscometer

Product Name NiRun Portable Digital Viscometer
Company Shanghai Nirun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Short description NiRun Portable Digital Viscometer
Detail Portable Digital Viscometer PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer Technical Features: 1.microcomputercontrol technique、user friendly interface; 2.brand new and humanized design、easy operation、accurate and fast measurement; 3.calibration of full scale,every levellinearity; 4.new design,liquid crystal display,prevent slippery handle,overrange alarm; 5.display temperature,viscosity,rotate speed,torsion in percentage,serial number of rotor and the maximum coscosity of seleted rotor in current speed on LCD; 6.unique structure design,insure useful life and measurement accuracy; 7.ac/dc power supply in two design,lithium batteries continuous measuring eight hours without charging; 8.portable packaging,suitable for fluid viscosity measurement in several condition like outdoor,laboratory,actory assembly line and the scene. PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer Applications: ink,glue,latex,solvent adhesive,polymer solution,petroleum,paint,solvent,cosmetic,milk products,pharmaceutical,juice and so on Email: nirunndj@126.com Source: https://www.nirunviscometer.com/productshow_101.html
Title Viscometer
Condition New

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NiRun Portable Digital ViscometerNiRun Portable Digital Viscometer

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