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No Chew Bandage

No Chew Bandage

Product Name No Chew Bandage
Company Devoling Industrial Co.,Limited
Short description No Chew Bandage
Detail This No Chew Bandage is with the bittering agent, so this Bandage with a bitter taste, which can reduce the risk of the animal bitting the dressing. Nonwoven Materials,Latex.Competitively priced,different color and printing pattern available. Tear by hand easily,Good elasticity,Easy to remove, adheres to itself, non-sticky to hear or skin,hair or clothes, no pins or clips needed. http://www.devoling-industrial.com/Medical/Wound-Dressings/No-Chew-Bandage.html
Title No Chew Bandage
Condition New

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No Chew BandageNo Chew Bandage

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