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Optical mirror

Optical mirror

Product Name Optical mirror
Company VY Optics Photoelectric Technology CoLtd
Short description Optical mirror
Detail Flat mirror,concave mirror,convex mirror,hot mirror,cold mirror,laser mirror,dielectric mirror,metal coated HR mirror,hyperbolical mirror etc.. Specifications of our mirror as follow: *Material:BK7 A glass, Quartz, CaF2,crystals or others *Clear Apenture:90% *Squares/Rectangles:1mm to110mm+/-0.2mm *Center thickness tolerance:+/-0.1mm *Surface quality:60-40 to 20/10 Scratch/Dig *Surface flatness:lambda/10 at 632.8nm *Parallelism:1 Arc min
Title Optical flat/concave mirror/reflector
Condition New

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Optical mirrorOptical mirror

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