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Optimal ATF IIID

Optimal ATF IIID

Product Name Optimal ATF IIID
Company Nefteproduct
Short description Optimal ATF IIID
Detail Multigrade semisynthetic fluid ATF III provides efficient and reliable operation of automatic transmission and steering systems for commercial, passenger cars and trucks, as well as other technical means according to the specifications of their manufacturer. It is intended for use in automatic transmissions, transmissions, as well as in power steering systems of cars and trucks, buses, tractors, road and construction machinery, special imported and domestic machinery in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturers of these vehicles. Meets the requirements of: GM DEXRON – III; Ford MERCON; Allison C-4; ZFTE-ML 05L; ZFTE-ML 09; TU U 23.2-23640044-005: 2010
Title Optimal ATF IIID
Condition New

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Optimal ATF IIIDOptimal ATF IIID

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