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Optimal UTTO

Optimal UTTO

Product Name Optimal UTTO
Company Nefteproduct
Short description Optimal UTTO
Detail OPTIMAL UTTO is a universal transmission-hydraulic oil with high characteristics. It is intended for use in transmission and hydraulic systems and clutches of agricultural and construction machinery with a joint crankcase, as well as in any other type of equipment where the use of oils of this type is recommended. It is recommended to use in the technique with a wet type brake system. The oil can be used in all season. ОPTIMAL UTTO is created on the basis of high-quality mineral base oils combined with a unique additive technology that has allowed to provide the following advantages: High shift stability. Excellent frictional properties provide the optimum clutch effectiveness and silent operation of brakes of wet type. High viscosity index. Excellent fluidity provides effective lubrication at low ambient temperatures. High anti-wear and extreme pressure properties provide low wear, which extends the life of the equipment and reduces maintenance expenses. OPTIMAL UTTO meets the following specifications: API GL-4 Case MS 1204/6/7/9 Cat TO-2 Eaton M-2950S Eaton I-280-S JD J20C / D Mat 3525/3526 Volvo WB101 Ford M2C 86B / C Ford M2C 134D Allison C4 Sauer Danfos MF CMS M1135 / 1143 MF CMS M1135 / 1143 JCMAS HK P-041
Title Optimal UTTO
Condition New

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Optimal UTTOOptimal UTTO

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