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Organic Cotton Calico Fabric

Organic Cotton Calico Fabric

Product Name Organic Cotton Calico Fabric
Company Oasis International
Short description Organic Cotton Calico Fabric
Detail Calico cloth is unbleached and half-processed cotton, and is less coarse than denim. It has an unfinished appearance and was originally discovered and coined by the British during their reign and influence in India. It is a simple and cheap quality of cotton; however, it is one of the oldest material forms in India. The word ‘Calico’ comes from Calicut, which was a European term for the Indian city Kozhikode. It was all due to European utilization that the popularity in this fabric reached greater heights. Traditional European dresses, waistcoats, home furnishings, and other objects made the most of this fabric. While it was strong and sturdy, it also displayed uniqueness in style. The hard quality of this fabric makes it suitable for all kinds of products, such as sturdy bags, quilts with patchwork, curtains, pillowcases and duvets.
Title Organic Cotton Calico Fabric
Condition New

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Organic Cotton Calico FabricOrganic Cotton Calico Fabric

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